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Welcome toThe Healer's Bridge!  We offer: 1. life coaching; 2. spiritual aura readings which are divinely inspired; 3. energy healing where the individual's own internal healing is activated through guidance, truth, love, light, and energy; and 4. dream interpretation which helps individuals release negative energy attachments.  Rev. Tara Lang is the founder and owner of this remarkable healing center, and all services can be given either in-person or by phone.  Rev. Tara credits her many teachers and guides for laying the foundation for her services including Jesus the Christ, Dr. Joseph Vredenbergh (lomi lomi), Rev. Brent Phillips (Awakening Dynamics), Divine Mother Tara, Lord Ganesha, Sathya Sai Baba, and many other powerful channelers, healers and teachers.  The Holy Spirit, which animates all matter seen and unseen, is her greatest Life Force and Teacher.  Rev. Tara also works with the Archangels . . . especially Archangel Michael (Most Like God), Archangel Gabriel (God's Love), Archangel Raphael (God Heals), and Archangel Uriel (Light & Fire of God).  She is a vessel or step-down transformer for God's Healing Grace.  May God guide and protect you . . . May He keep you under His canopy of Love.


"Ask with pure intent; your passage to Truth will be guided by your angels."

Wisdom from Rev. Tara

"Pure intent is your ticket to Enlightenment."

Wisdom from Rev. Tara

Mission Statement

The Healer's Bridge believes that every human soul can reach perfection. Our mission is to help heal and balance karma in the DNA and subconscious mind of our clients.

By assisting in healing the body, mind and soul through channeling light and energy, aura readings, and/or teaching, the client is able to continue on his/her life's journey with clarity, peace and joy.


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