Are You At A Crossroad In Your Life?

“Man is a bridge, says Osho, between the animal and the divine – and our awareness of this dual aspect of our nature is what makes us human.”  Experiencing this dual nature creates challenges in our life.  We go through “burn out,” grief, losses, victories, emotional contradictions that put us right in the middle of a crossroad.  How do we learn to embrace these contradictions?  For eons of time we’ve been going full force ahead thinking we are on some kind of path that will bring us happiness and contentment.

The “crossroads” is not an easy place to be when we are confused, unhappy, fearful and going in unending circles that take us deeper into the doldrums.  Being willing to make a change takes courage especially when we are wondering if we are making the right choices.  These stuck and stagnant places that we find ourselves are a blessing in disguise.  They are the key to self-realization, just as “suffering is the key to enlightenment.” (Lord Buddha) We live in a world of duality where we cannot know one without experiencing the other.

Let us help you uncover the hidden gifts and opportunities at each crossroads.  Together we can transform the indecision, fear, self-doubt and confusion into a great discovery of your inner purpose.  You will discover that the “crossroad” is a manifesting gift and a path to self-discovery.


Traditional medicine treats the symptoms of the body as if the psychological and emotional programming we’ve inherited and accepted have no effect on the patient’s physical make-up.  If we are either injured or in physical pain, we will do whatever it takes to heal.  Traditional medicine normally treats the symptoms rather than the cause.  It does not take into account that the emotions and mind do affect the physical body.

The physical body is repaired when it is in alignment with its own natural healing abilities.  The doctor is there to help facilitate the healing.  However, if the mind strongly holds the belief that the disease is greater than the physician’s “cure,” it (disease) can easily take over and permeate the entire body, emotions and mind.  Therefore, if the psychological pain is healed or dissolved, the so-called problem will not be able to exist.  Yes, the mind is a powerful thing.

The analytical mind cannot exist in the “now.” It is constantly describing, analyzing, judging, comparing, figuring, making conclusions, assuming . . .  The thinking mind lives either in the past or future, never in the present.

Our emotions are always linked to an occurrence in the past.  Emotions that have not been dealt with can often erupt as physical/emotional pain.  Our emotions are the perfect barometer as to how we are relating to a particular person, place and/or situation.  They react automatically.

If you struggle with excessive anger, needing to control situations, depressed and anxious, you are likely experiencing emotional wounds which will eventually filter into the physical body.  The wisdom of healing the body, emotions, mind and spirit is holistic.  The goal is bringing balance to the whole.


Do you struggle with feelings of inadequacy?  Do you compare yourself with others?  Are you afraid to take risks because you’re afraid of failure?  Do you suffer from “not being enough?”  Do you fear disapproval from your bosses and peers?

Self- Confidence is just as important as your ability to perform a job.  When we lack self-confidence, we depend more on the approval of others than putting trust in our own abilities.  Self-confidence is the ability to remain in the eye of the hurricane even when everything around us appears to be falling apart.  Lack of self-esteem is a dis-ease . . . The number one dis-ease.  It keeps us from taking certain risks because we fear failure (and/or success).  It keeps us from knowing who we are and our true talents.  Self-confident people are self-accepting and see how to use their weaknesses as strengths.  They are continually developing their strengths by doing what they love.

We all have times in our lives when we beat ourselves up.  If you are at a crossroads in your life because you feel you’re not worthy and/or do not have the talent and energy, let us help teach you to regain and implement your ability to attract what you love . . . and the love for self.


Do you hate your job, your boss and/or co-workers?  Believe it or not, they are a family that was created outside of your home by you!  Is this family telling you what is obvious . . . that you are not happy so move on?  Are they reflecting how you feel about your life in general?  Are they teaching you patience and understanding?  Every situation we choose and create is there to help us grow.

People often stay in jobs that they hate because they fear there is nowhere else to go, and that there is nothing else they can do.  Let us help you to not only create a plan to move on, but to gain understanding as to why you attract certain types of jobs and people.

In the subconscious mind, there are many blocks that prevent us from reaching our happiness goals.  Together we can unlock and clear these blocks, thereby, helping you to take right action.


Every time we curse ourselves and/or sin, we are bringing what happened in the past into the present time and planting a seed for our future.  Remember, the more we fight against something, the more deeply rooted it becomes.  Yes, our demons love a good fight.

Christianity often teaches us to wage battle on our sins.  However, scripture is often misinterpreted.  We say this because God is much more interested in who we are than in counting our sins.  How we battle our demons is to go within and see the worthiness of our soul.  By realizing our true beauty and essence, the “sin” is dissolved by the Wisdom Flame of Self-Realization.