Are You In Physical, Emotional And/Or Mental Pain?

Traditional medicine treats the symptoms of the body as if the psychological and emotional programming we’ve inherited and accepted have no effect on the patient’s physical make-up.  If we are either injured or in physical pain, we will do whatever it takes to heal.  Traditional medicine normally treats the symptoms rather than the cause.  It does not take into account that the emotions and mind do affect the physical body.

The physical body is repaired when it is in alignment with its own natural healing abilities.  The doctor is there to help facilitate the healing.  However, if the mind strongly holds the belief that the disease is greater than the physician’s “cure,” it (disease) can easily take over and permeate the entire body, emotions and mind.  Therefore, if the psychological pain is healed or dissolved, the so-called problem will not be able to exist.  Yes, the mind is a powerful thing.

The analytical mind cannot exist in the “now.” It is constantly describing, analyzing, judging, comparing, figuring, making conclusions, assuming . . .  The thinking mind lives either in the past or future, never in the present.

Our emotions are always linked to an occurrence in the past.  Emotions that have not been dealt with can often erupt as physical/emotional pain.  Our emotions are the perfect barometer as to how we are relating to a particular person, place and/or situation.  They react automatically.

If you struggle with excessive anger, needing to control situations, depressed and anxious, you are likely experiencing emotional wounds which will eventually filter into the physical body.  The wisdom of healing the body, emotions, mind and spirit is holistic.  The goal is bringing balance to the whole.