Are You Suffering From Low Self-esteem?

Do you struggle with feelings of inadequacy?  Do you compare yourself with others?  Are you afraid to take risks because you’re afraid of failure?  Do you suffer from “not being enough?”  Do you fear disapproval from your bosses and peers?

Self- Confidence is just as important as your ability to perform a job.  When we lack self-confidence, we depend more on the approval of others than putting trust in our own abilities.  Self-confidence is the ability to remain in the eye of the hurricane even when everything around us appears to be falling apart.  Lack of self-esteem is a dis-ease . . . The number one dis-ease.  It keeps us from taking certain risks because we fear failure (and/or success).  It keeps us from knowing who we are and our true talents.  Self-confident people are self-accepting and see how to use their weaknesses as strengths.  They are continually developing their strengths by doing what they love.

We all have times in our lives when we beat ourselves up.  If you are at a crossroads in your life because you feel you’re not worthy and/or do not have the talent and energy, let us help teach you to regain and implement your ability to attract what you love . . . and the love for self.