Most of us have heard of the benefits of meditation.  We are somewhat familiar with the body and brain undergoing structural changes when we are meditating.  This is why we feel more relaxed.  Beta waves (active thinking) decrease and are replaced by alpha waves which are associated with the brain being relaxed and less active. The physical, emotional and mental benefits include:


  • A decrease in stress related pain such as, ulcers, tension headaches, anxiety attacks, etc.
  • An increase in energy and serotonin production
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • “Normalizing” blood pressure
  • Emotional stability
  • Happiness level increases
  • Creativity increases
  • Clarity of mind
  • Development of intuition
  • Ability to meet challenges with calm and peace of mind


There are unseen benefits of meditation.  First, what is meditation? It is nothing more than cleaning your being (inner environment) and the universe around you.  It’s a merging with the Truth.  It makes you feel more in touch with who you are, more alive and alert while going about your day.  This is because when you truly meditate, you are getting in touch with “infinite intelligence.” This is why your creativity soars.

If you are resistant to meditating, it’s because you fear change.  Meditation changes your life! You have spent eons of time on old habits, conditioning, old identities, etc. and fear being reborn into a more efficient, expanded, and confident self.

Ah, there are some of you who resist meditation because it’s boring, too serious and not fun. True meditation is effortless.  However, most of us are programmed that anything worthwhile requires hard work and effort.  Meditation is NOT serious . . . To enjoy its benefits, you need to go into it joyously.  Meditation IS relaxation . . . the deepest relaxation.  For the first time, you will experience your reality; coming face to face with who you really are.  Such joy!  You are fearless; you know and see the beauty and truth that goes beyond your impermanent beliefs.

Meditation helps connect us with the Creator, Source of All Sources.  This is how we get those great “Aha” moments.  This is when we see our possibilities . . . our truth!

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