Pricing Page

A Portion of All Proceeds Go To Help "Build City of Light"


+ We read the physical, emotional, subconscious, mental, psychic, creative, spiritual bodies of light.

+ The past, present and future is revealed. We do not go over the will of any individual. If you prefer that we don't "see" an area in your life stream, we will not interfere. We must be given permission.  




+ Different healing modalities are used depending on the need of the client:
Ho'oponopono, crystals, chants, deep level meditation, prayer... 

+ You are the recipient of the light and energy. You assist in the healing by being open and receiving. BELIEF is the key.

+ Believing in any particular religion is not necessary.



+ Is your life in transition?

+ Do you hate your job and/or the direction your life is taking?

+ Are you confused as to what you really want to do with your life?

+ We will help you discover what is important in your life. We will then help you develop a plan to achieve your goals.




+ You will receive: 1 hour each of an Aura Reading, Energy Healing and Life Coaching.

+ Bonus Package A: $300 off the Spirit of the Lotus 6 day retreat. Go to for more information.

+ Bonus Package B: 1 free class of your choice.


For more questions, help with choosing the right track, set up a session and more! 

Contact to inquire about a sliding scale for special cases.